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The Inspired American Summer

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    Summer 2012 — “The Inspired American Summer” — star three new Limited Edition flavors (Juniper & Lemon Curd, Wheatgrass, Pear & Vinho Verde Sorbet, and Plum Sake Sorbet), the recently released Limited Edition flavor White House Cherry, new frozen yogurts (Grapefruit), and a cast of Perennial favorites (Backyard Mint, Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk, Lemon & Blueberries, and more)!

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May 16, 2011



We almost picked up a pint of Strawberry Buttermilk yesterday @ HOT& I wish we would have! I have grown up with sweet Tennessee strawberries...nothing quiet like them. :)

So glad you guys "get" what Nashville is all about! Can't wait for the book.


My husband and family are from Nashville, I am glad you had time to get a feel for what it is all about, Wonderful nightlife, restaurants, and things to do. It's not just about the music, but so much more. Born and raised in Ohio, but Nashville is my second home.


I love what you said about Nashville!

And I love your ice cream so, so, so much. I was introduced to it by my husband (Manley at Powell Design Studio) and am completely in love. I think y'all are wonderful. I'm so glad you are here!


Aaron Beck

Thanks so much, Rebekka!


This makes me so happy. My husband and I moved to Nashville three years ago from Columbus. We missed Columbus so much and we had your ice cream shipped to us. When we heard about Hot and Cold we became very gitty. We love both cities and now that we can get Jeni's it is even better.


I moved to Columbus from Nashville and I couldn't agree more. People unfamiliar with that region usually have an unfair stereotype in mind but it couldn't be farther from that. It is a fabulously artsy and eclectic city that reminds me so much of the Columbus that we love. I have been sharing the Jeni's love with my Nashville peeps like it's my job! I think it will be a perfect fit!

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