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    Summer 2012 — “The Inspired American Summer” — star three new Limited Edition flavors (Juniper & Lemon Curd, Wheatgrass, Pear & Vinho Verde Sorbet, and Plum Sake Sorbet), the recently released Limited Edition flavor White House Cherry, new frozen yogurts (Grapefruit), and a cast of Perennial favorites (Backyard Mint, Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk, Lemon & Blueberries, and more)!

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April 25, 2012



Please bring a Jeni's location to your neighbor, WV, particularly in Huntington (only 2.5-3 hours away)!! I always get a pint or two when I'm in Columbus visiting my boyfriend, but always want it when I'm at home. There is a deli in town that carries the ice cream but in limited quantity and flavors.

B Brown

JENI - JENI- JENI.....Please, please, please - come up with a sugar free version of "something" that all of us low-carber, sugar free, hCG, dieters....well, anyone that has to avoid sugar, can feast on!! We KNOW you are the most awesome ice cream maker around, and we can't eat it!!! So, so, so sad....(Truvia - powdered - is really good! Just NO SPLENDA - it's poison!!)


That's incredible!!! Look at all those locations!

Unfortunately, living in New Mexico, I'm STILL not going to see any of that love yet - but hopefully it's a good sign of things to come.

Kudos to the whole Jeni's team!


I was near the Fresh Market in Brentwood, TN today and ran in specifically to pick up a pint of something. I've been DYING to taste some Splendid Ice Cream. I chose the Goat Cheese with Red Cherries and tasted it as soon as I was in my car! I can honestly say I've never had anything like it. Loved the tart cherries and the lingering aroma of the goat cheese after each bite, but I was a little disappointed by the texture, which was a little grainy. Having made a couple of recipes (SO GOOD) from the book, I was expecting something much creamier, so it was a bit of a let-down for the price. I will definitely keep making Splendid Ice Creams at home, though.

Reagan Dennison

This is the best birthday present by far! Jeni's in Little Rock. My husband is also relieved we won't have to bring coolers home from Ohio.


Thanks a lot for the feedback, Rebekah. If you still have the container let me know what the batch number is and we'll check it out. "A little grainy" is not what we want to read. Please email Thanks a lot.

Michelle M.

This is so great I blogged about it too!

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